Primary Problem

Cameroon like many African countries south of the Sahara is blessed with rich agricultural potentials. Unfortunately, these potentials remain largely untapped and majority of poor peasant farmers face challenges like lack of farm inputs, poor road networks, limited information on farming techniques and limited financial support.

women working farm

We are also aspiring to;

  1. Developing Cameroon’s seed Systems
  2. Protecting and improving our soils
  3. Ensuring that Cameroon farmers have access to Markets
  4. Partners for Seed in Cameroon (PASA)
  5. Strengthening Farmer organizations
  6. Strengthening agricultural input and output markets
  7. Training Cameroon’s plant breeders
  8. Micro reforms for African agribusiness


To contribute to increasing food security and ending hunger amongst poor peasant farmers by training them on sustainable agriculture and supporting them with micro-credit and materials to set up their farms.

How it happens:

  1. H4BF intervenes through training of peasant farmers and unemployed youths at her Integrated Organic Demonstration and Production Centre (BIOFARM) at mile 6 Nkwen Bamenda.
  2. Developing urban and peri-urban agriculture.
  3. Insertion of trainees through provision of startup capital and necessary equipment.


  1. Insufficient funds to help in the insertion of trainees.
  2. Given the fact that the training is pro poor, funds are insufficient to get materials as majority of the trainees cannot afford to pay their registration fee.

Ways forward:

Training of poor peasant farmers and unemployed youths continues while H4BF keep on outsourcing ways to get more funding to meet up with the afore mentioned challenges.