H4BF Cooperative team is responsible for developing and implementing initiatives that allow Cameroon’s smallholder farmers to increase the productivity of their farms. The H4BF CAMEROON  team is composed of experts in the fields of crop breeding and seed systems, organic fertilizer supply systems, agricultural extension, input distribution, and capacity building, who work side-by-side with our program officers in “Geographic Service Teams” across the region to help farmers increase their crop yields.

H4BF CAMEROON is Promote sustainable agricultural practices through educating and supporting local farmers in more sustainable agricultural techniques that enhance soil conservation and increase crop yields. To achieve this we;

  1. Train and educate local farmers on agro-forestry practices as a more sustainable agricultural practice that increases soil conservation and guarantee more crop yields
  2. Train and educate local framers in composting and other sources of organic manure use as an alternative to inorganic fertilizers
  3. Distribute agro-forestry tree species to farmers to plant on their farms to boost soil fertility

Huge Potential for Change

The biggest hurdle to increasing farmer productivity in Cameroon today is the continued use of outdated production technologies and practices. Nevertheless, broad experience has shown that Cameroon’s farmers – like farmers everywhere – will adopt new technologies when they are useful, affordable, and available locally. Past investments by H4BF Cameroon in plant breeding have yielded over 200 new crop varieties which are higher-yielding, resistant to local pests and diseases, and are more resilient in the face of environmental and climatic stress. Meanwhile, H4BF Cooperative’s collaborations with the Cameroon private sector have contributed to the establishment of over 20 private, independent seed companies and over 78 village-based agro-dealers. Parallel initiatives in the development and marketing of new blends of organic fertilizer which are formulated to suit local soil types are now underway

We are aspiring to;

  1. Developing Cameroon’s seed Systems
  2. Protecting and improving our soils
  3. Ensuring that Cameroon farmers have access to Markets
  4. Partners for Seed in Cameroon (PASA)
  5. Strengthening Farmer organizations
  6. Strengthening agricultural input and output markets
  7. Training Cameroon’s plant breeders
  8. Micro reforms for African agribusiness