Strategic Thrust Areas

  • Establishment of Rights of Indigenous people on land, water and forests for food and job security and sustainable, equitable development in quality in life.
  • Preparing the indigenous communities to take part in building the community to resist the power of exploitation, become economically self dependant, promote, protect and sustain the environment, become politically sensitive and to have better share in the leadership and decision making process.
  • Development of local natural resources and egalitarian utilization for social, cultural, and economic self-reliance of tribal, indigenous, and other under privileged, and disadvantaged sections.
  • Greater community participation for basic health care and preventive health education for all;
  • Spread of basic and social, environmental education for all children in difficult circumstances.

Project Area

Rural communities in all the 10 regions of Cameroon

Future Action Plan

  • Development of environment and utilization of natural resources for empowerment of rural under privileged communities.
  • Nursery raising of local traditional plants and afforestation.
  • Mobile health services with community participation.
  • Strengthening of women groups for self-help initiatives, entrepreneurship development for social, economic, cultural self-sufficiency.
  • Education programmes for tribal and indigenous children in their mother tongue.
  • Setting up vocational training cum production centers for rural poor women and youth.
  • Study cum survey on various social evils and dissemination of scientific information to combat it.
  • Setting up of Old Age Homes.
  • Setting up of Home for destitute children in difficult circumstances.
  • Setting up Short Stay Homes for Women.
  • Organization of seminars, conference on Women’s Rights issues and advocacy, lobbying with the national policy makers.
  • Organization of rural have-nots and sensitization on protection of consumer rights etc.
  • Education and Agricultural technology training programmes for smart farming and precision farming Technology for Rural farmers and youth.


Target Groups

Women, children, small and marginal farmers, land less agricultural labourers and other disadvantaged under privileged sections of Tribal, Scheduled Caste and Indigenous Communities