Pupils And The Entire Population Jubilate As Water Catchment Rehabilitation Project In Didango Yields Anticipated Results

Pupils and the entire population Jubilate As Water Catchment Rehabilitation Project In Didango Yields Anticipated Results:

It was on a glorious morning during a short break as pupils of “Ecole Publique de Didango” burst in joy as they experience the first flow of water from their school tap. None was left behind to witness and most importantly to have a taste of fresh and clean water flowing right in the school yard. These are rare irresisting spontaneous moments to witness the power of the saying: ‘Water is life.’ These pupils scrambled such that control to respect lines was a far fetched idea. Everyone of them wanted to be the first to carry water some water to drink.

Before the timely intervention of H4BF and RDF, there existed only a dilapidated tap structure in the school premises with total absence of water. This already dilapidated and blocked water structure that for years had not been able to provide portable water, has been dismantled and properly reconstructed inorder to enhance the constant flow of water in the school yard. Putting into consideration the carelessness and playful nature of children, the equipment used were expertly chosen to sustainably suit the environment.

The primary beneficiaries included, the lone health center, the primary school and the entire population of Didango for water was flowing in all the public taps and in private homes.

It should be recalled that in a bid to express support for this water initiative, the pupils of this primary school engaged in volunteer work by transporting construction materials from the village up across the steep and enclaved catchment sites. None was left behind than to see the success realization of the project in their locality.

This project is going to transform the lives of the population. Overall, the project will improve immensely the quality of life, increase life expectancy and reduced poverty through the following ways:
• Food Security will be assured since vegetables, fruits and other food crops will be cultivated for domestic consumption during dry season
• The general sanitation and hygienic conditions in the village will improve.
• Reduced incidence of water related diseases
• Improved health especially for the most vulnerable (children/mothers)
• Improved personal hygiene (frequent baths and clean clothes)

School Children and parents Volunteer to Support Water Rehabilitation Project in Didango Village

School Children and parents Volunteer to Support Water Rehabilitation Project in Didango Village.

The initiative was grounded by H4BF in partnership with RDF Cameroon to rehabilitate the water catchment and enhance its water distribution network in the village of Didango. It was welcomed and supported across the community especially school children. In this light to illustrate their will and support to collaborate in the implementation of this project, these school pupils together with some village youths volunteered in several occasions to assist in the transportation of sand and gravel amongst other construction materials, to aid the project implementation.

This volunteering from school children accelerated and quicken the execution phase as it required excessive man power to transport construction material up across the enclaved and hilly paths to reach the water catchment sites because these places couldn’t be accessible even on a motorcycle.

It should be noted that this lone primary school in this village was one of the principal beneficiary of the project. Their enormous support in volunteering in the transportation of construction materials to the construction sites, elucidated their impatience to welcome the constant flow of portable drinking water in their school especially during the dry season as this has only been an illusion in the past years.

Didango is a Muslim dominated community, made up of mostly the Bororos It is located few kilometers from Koutaba in the Noun Division of the West Region of Cameroon.

H4BF and partners, begins the rehabilitation of the water catchment in Didango, West region, Cameroon

H4BF in partnership with RDF Cameroon and the community of Didango., for two weeks now has embarked on the rehabilitation of the water catchment as well as all the water distribution and water management systems of this locality. The locality has been experiencing water shortages as well as poor water sanitation as a result of the dilapidated nature of the water distribution systems which is currently rehabilitated and systematically repaired.

The timely intervention of this rehabilitation process will go a long way to curb any possible waterborne diseases in this locality because the abandoned catchment areas and water collection Chambers have been cleaned and enhanced with emphasis to WASH standards.

156 IDP’s and the entire community of over 1500 inhabitants will benefit from the project including the lone health dispensary and a primary school of over 200 pupils which for years have not been unable to have a steady flow of water except for certain months of the rainy season.

Didango is 95% muslim community that is made up of entirely or at least 90% Bororos. It is located some few kilometers from Koutaba, in the Noun Division of the West Region of Cameroon. It has an estimated population of about 1500 inhabitants. Their principal languages are Fulfulbe and French respectively.

Didango surprisingly is a host to a number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the English speaking parts of Cameroon who have migrated recently as a result of the security issues and other reasons affecting their lives. The estimated number of IDPs in this locality is about a hundred and fifty six (156 people). They are from both NW and SW regions of the country and entirely Bororos.

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