Capacity Building

H4BF Cameron works with aspiring youths and women

Working with youth at risk means working with young people in situations that hinders their positive development. Such as: homelessness, drugs abuse, Sexual Transmitted Diseases, Juvenile delinquency. Besides working with youth in natural disasters and conflict areas.

The aim of this program is to help youth workers to understand the nature and the circumstances of youth at risk. The program presents approaches of managing young people at risk, at risk policy development, and at risk program development.

We partner with social change groups to design capacity building services that are customized to fit the specific needs and realities of each organization.

We begin by conducting a thorough organizational assessment to better understand each organization’s strengths, challenges, context and culture. Our investment allows for deeper levels of trust and organizational insight, enabling us to co-design better strategies and solutions to advance organizational goals. Our seasoned capacity building team provides a comprehensive menu of services.

Leadership Skills Training

We believe the growth and development of our social change leaders has to be an essential strategy to grow and strengthen our movements. We develop curricula and conduct a range of training programs for emerging and experienced leaders encompassing topics such as developing a reflective leadership practice, building emotional intelligence skills and managing major change initiatives. See our training services section.