Good health is an important component of development. It has been enshrined in MDG 4 (reducing child mortality), MDG 5 (improving maternal health), and MDG 6 (combating malaria, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases). Across the globe, there is a huge disparity in access health services in rural areas, compared to urban settlements. According to baseline surveys carried out by H4BF, one of the most common challenges plaguing rural communities in Cameroon is inadequate health infrastructure and limited access to good medical services resulting from the absence of trained personnel in rural communities.


Overall objective:

To improve the health status of people living in peasant communities through the training of nurses for village health centers and the rehabilitation/equipping of health facilities is rural Communities.


How it works:

  1. H4BF sponsors the training of nurses in government recognized health institutions to work in poor rural health centers upon graduation.
  2. Constructs/rehabilitates and equips health centers in poor rural communities.
  3. Constructs toilets and hand washing facilities in rural health centers.
  4. Provides portable water to rural health centers


  1. Some of the communities are unable to compensate nurses when they return to work in their communities; this creates a difficult situation for the nurses, who must sustain themselves while working.
  2. Many applications flow in for aid in the health domain but H4BF is only able to obtain funding for about 1% of the applications.

Future plans

H4BF hopes to outsource more funds to be able to reach out to more communities through new partnerships and strategies.