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Health action


Cameroon is an underdeveloped country in Sub Sahara Africa where 60% of the population expecially women and children lives in rural areas. Despite government investment in healthcare, access to the most basic health services remains extremely limited. Many Cameroonians still walk hours to reach the nearest health facility. When forced to walk long distances, people seek healthcare later and less often. The result is that preventable diseases occur and treatable illnesses, like malaria, become life-threatening

Health action

How It Works

H4BF improves access to healthcare for rural populations by recruiting and empowering mostly female nurses to become entrepreneurs and to open health clinics in rural areas.

H4BF provides nurse-entrepreneurs with training in operations and management as well as ongoing monitoring and support to ensure adherence to quality standards.

H4BF nurses then provide quality, affordable preventive care and treatment to their communities. Female entrepreneurs act as role models for young girls.

H4BF nurses are trained to provide additional services like the use of Mindful Meditation as a tool to heal mental illness

H4BF nurses are also empowered with additional skills to act as front line activist/actors on gender base violence (GBV) and provide social services. training package also enable them to recruit and trained support team members within their respective villages to facilitate their services.

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Peace action

Well being & Mental health

Having good mental health, or being mentally healthy, is more than just the absence of illness, rather it’s a state of overall wellbeing. The concept is influenced by culture, but it generally relates to: Enjoyment of life. Having the ability to cope with and ‘bounce back’ from stress and sadness.

We organize free classes in Nutrition, Dance, Meditation, Pilates, Awareness Through Movement, Meditation and others for people who are in need of preventive, non-invasive health care or treatment of chronic diseases. Providing individual non-invasive care and building partnerships with free or low cost clinics in Cameroon to help people who are in need of treatment or health guidance, providing referrals for people in need of alternative practitioners offering free or sliding scale care.

About 19% population in Cameroon can get benefits from our program and live a more healthy and happy life, which will decrease individual healthcare spending, change the health condition among low-income families and make those people reached more productive to the society. Lowering healthcare costs from long term disease and obesity. Being healthy effects the mind set of individuals as well and there shows a decrease in violence and crime when people are free of pain and able to contribute.