Our Strategy

We believe in peoples’ participatory approach in all stages of our development initiatives. Our strategy is to adopt rural development planning and action programme through study-cum-survey with the active peoples’ participatory approach. For undertaking action planning, implementation and follow-up initiatives in rural areas involvement of grassroots level peoples’ organizations such as self-help groups, women groups, village health groups, small and marginal farmer’s clubs, (CBOs), forest protection committees and local councils is must in our strategy.

In the nearly 3 years of its existence, H4BF CAMEROON has not only succeeded in putting up significant work in various areas of development, but has built up models for such activity for replication as well as scale-up

 H4BF CAMEROON has a significant experience of working within the 10 regions of Cameroon. These activities have been in various areas that include children rights and education, health and HIV/ AIDs, livelihoods and micro finance, natural resource management, Disaster risk reduction and climatic change management.

Empowering the most marginalized groups like trafficked children & women, single & destitute women, children in difficult circumstances, Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and other vulnerable groups like those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and relief operations during floods and cyclones are some of the other interventions carried out by H4BF CAMEROON in both urban and rural settings in its operational areas.

The major strategies that have been placed in all development interventions undertaken by H4BF CAMEROON are Institution Building, capacity building, convergence, leverages and linkages, networking, advocacy and lobby