Our most common sources of energy are finite resources which are becoming overused, and often have an adverse effect on the atmosphere, soil and water. Moreover, many rural communities lack or have insufficient electricity supply and see no solution to this problem in the near future. This inhibits the ability of health centers to stock drugs and to use certain equipment, it limits educational opportunities, and it stunts the growth of businesses. Unfortunately, the technology required for renewable energy is often expensive and difficult to obtain. 


To increase awareness about renewable energy and integrated systems and facilitate the provision of renewable energy to rural communities in order to improve livelihoods and address climate change.

Ways Forward

H4BF staff who attended training on handmade solar panels will share this knowledge in capacity- building sessions with young people, farmers, and technicians.

H4BF will begin to train community representatives on renewable energy installation and maintenance, and then assist them in obtaining these technologies.


Many renewable energy sources are expensive, making it difficult to expand the program.