H4BF is run by a group of young, agile, versatile and enthusiastic young Cameroonians with a 6-man board of directors who are responsible for overseeing and supervising the activities of the organisation. There is the executive director who heads the organisation and directs and coordinates her activities and then the programs coordinator who is responsible for managing all project/program activities including all project constraints such as cost, schedule, risk, human resources, quality, procurements and stakeholders. H4BF is represented in each community we work by H4BF focal point(person). These focal point(persons) are links between the community and H4BF head office. Each program within the organigram has a sub-program coordinator who reports directly to the Programs Manager and then field workers who coordinate field activities. There is a financial secretary who handles all organisations funds, disbursements and payments. We also have volunteers and interns who are distributed across the various projects and activities of the organisation depending on their stipulated internship objectives.

Ngo Abdulai Banfogha

Founder/ Executive Director

Divine Sunjo, Nsah

Communication Officer

Fru Prudence Ngum

Coordinator of Women/Girls Program

Amidu Abdu Razargi

Accountant/Finance Manager

Rodrick Wanyu Nyuydzenjo

Field Coordinator

Bisona Solange

Coordinator Agricultural Program

Tangko Hanson Ngwene

Human Resource

Gladys Mabel Cantelmi

Ambassador for Europe

Wuyika Samuel Kefiyen

Protection Officer

Ndzenkongang Kepeh Mustapha

Coordinator WASH PROGRAM

Noel Lifogha

Coordinator of Youth Program

Tshiagehmbom Nkeh Junior

Administrative Assistance