Individuals Can:

  • Volunteer to offer time and expertise as mentors, ambassadors, facilitators, interns etc.
  • Engage in promotional campaign with friends, families and colleagues on social media and other platforms.
  • Bring H4BF International to your community or country.
  • Connect H4BF with potential partners or make a personal donation to our projects.

Organisations Can:

  • Provide in kind and monetary contributions in support of H4BF successful implementation of programs.
  • Mobilize staff and members to join H4BF as individuals and encourage them to volunteer to serve in H4BF Board.
  • Publicize the H4BF mission and activities to network of members and other stakeholders.

Institutions can:

  • Invite us come to your school, church or community to share H4BF vision.
  • Accept our vision and mobilize students and other interested persons to join and participate in our activities.
  • Encourage staff to engage as individuals by starting meet-up sessions with girls in your school, church, community and formally inform H4BF office about it.